This is a brand new and very exciting area for Trees4Scotland – bringing the countryside to the city! Urban greening simply means growing plants wherever possible in towns and cities. Urban greening has many positive effects such as improving the quality of life in urban areas and in helping to deliver wider and longer term social, environmental and economic benefits.

While Trees4Scotland can provide all planting and landscaping services where we a provide specialist service is in living walls or ‘green walls’.

Vertical planting can produce stunning results

Vertical planting can produce stunning results

Many of you will have come across the concept of green or living roofs, viagra sale and the many benefits that they provide from decreasing the ‘urban heat island’ effect to diverting rain fall from storm water drains. Green walls, however, have several key advantages.

• By being installed on the walls of building, they have the potential to cover much larger surface areas so providing increased benefits.
• Green walls can be easily fitted retrospectively, unlike green roofs that may require the structure to be waterproofed and strengthened, activities best completed during the initial construction period.
• The air quality benefits of green roofs are useful, but green walls deliver the cooling, dust suppression and pollution absorbing benefits right down to street level, where the people are.
• While green roofs protect the top floor of a building against heat and cold, the benefits of green walls extend down the wall to the lower storeys.

One of our aims at Trees4Scotland is to also help our cities tackle the issue of air pollution.

We are already having discussions with several city councils about partnering up to sort out a few pollution ‘hot spots’ and to help meet European targets on air pollution. Recent research from the Universities of Birmingham and Lancaster has shown that planting vegetation in ‘street canyons’ can reduce street level concentrations of pollutants by as much as 40% for NO2 and 60% for particulates. This is due to the deposition of these materials on the foliage.

We have already completed some work for our first green wall customer, The Knight Residence by greening up some bare walls in their car parking area. Hopefully we will have a lot more to tell you about all of these exciting initiatives in the near future!